The Urban Forest Company strives to maintain the balance between the natural and the man-made. This unique approach sets us apart from traditional construction outfits. Our process is holistic, making for results that are aesthetic, tasteful and of course, sustainable.

Here’s how we do what we do!

Concept & Design

We work with you to understand your vision by uncovering your needs with a thoughtful analysis. With meticulous planning and realistic goals, we create an actionable plan towards executing your vision.


We breathe life into your vision constantly through the construction phase. Our team will work on-site for optimal workflow, with a comprehensive evaluation post-construction.


Post construction, we offer complete and committed care for your transformed space! We have the equipment, plantings, and the skills to make sure your property looks its best.

Landscaping services, we offer:

Architectural Design Works

Design scheme, Master plan, 3D walk through


Plants/Trees, Soil/Manure, Grass lawn, Seeds, Green wall, Home gardening services, Green house works


Pavers and curbs, Gazebo/Pergola, Decking, Stone/Metal Murals, Sculptures, Statues, Civil works, Fabrication works, Pools & Fountains, Koi ponds

Garden Décor/Essentials

Pebble stones, Pots & Planters, Terrariums, Figurines & Miniatures, Artificial Plant and Garden Tools & Equipment

Outdoor Solutions

Gates, Fencing, Lighting, Furniture and Tensile Roofing

Irrigation products & Services

Automatic irrigation system, Sprinkler irrigation system, Pop up sprinkler system

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